Screenshot_The-Space-Between-Us_SciFi-Short-MovieThe Space Between Us ist ein niederländischer, postapokalyptischer SF-Kurzfilm, gedreht in englisch. Es gibt deutsche Untertitel.

Inhalt: 1983: an atomic war has polluted the air and raised the sea level to such a height that it reaches the mountaintops. Mankind tries to survive with the help of oxygen masks; breathing from tanks on their backs. High up in the mountains they have built a research centre in search of gills suited for mankind, so they can breathe freely once again and start a new life under water. However, they soon found out that they needed a gill different from the species known to man. They had to find the most human-like creature of the sea: a merman, which they called, a sea ape. The Scientific theories about these sea-apes were not much different from the fantasies or the fairytales about the mermen. In the end, it was accepted that this sort of beast could never be found. So the research continued, without any directions, without any real hope. They just kept “researching”, cutting into every species they could find. Trying to make it work while knowing its impossibility.

But then, one day, when all hope seemed to be lost, the ‘Adam’ is brought inside: the savior of mankind.

Regie/Drehbuch: Marc S. Nollkaemper; Darsteller: Elsa May Averill, Kiefer Zwart, Adrian Brine, u.a. …

Länge: ca. 12min

Die Kommentare auf YouTube bringen immer wieder Avatar und The Shape of Water zum Vergleich. Das mag wohl mit der Farbe zu tun haben. Da hilft wohl nur, sich eine eigene Meinung zu bilden.

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